Adventure, activity and holidays in the Amazon

This is a how-to of penetrating an evergreen mass of diversity spread out kilometers on end across the Amazon Basin: the spellbinding tropical rainforest. As we can see from above, nature tells us the best way is to travel its silt-clad veins into what may seem uniform, but is the epitome of change and diversity. This most inspiring journey will include a myriad unexpected possibilities and the surprising forest visions of magical flooded forests.

Our trips are quite active and we spend most of our time off the vessel exploring the forest. The Motor Yacht Tucano offers plenty of space to spread out and contemplate the wonders of nature. With over seventy large windows, the vessel is bright and airy. The cabins and the salon are air-conditioned and have elegant raised wood paneling in the style of the 19th Century steamers that cruised these majestic rivers.

Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Manaus, Rio Negro, Amazon River

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