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DATE: 2023 – JUN 25 | JUL 17 |  SEP 10* | OCT 11



SHIP: Silver Spirit

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The islands of Greece are simply divine. No matter how many times you have been, Greece never quite quenches your insatiable lust for its storied shores, blissful beaches and glorious food. Travel on this Athens – Athens cruise for some of the country’s best spots: Crete, Santorini’s blue domes, Rhodes, Patmos and Mykonos. A day in Turkey’s Kusadasi is ideal to stroll the ancient city of Ephesus.

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The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • All meals
  • Beverages, open bar, beer, wine, liquor
  • Room service
  • Butler service
  • Included excursions in each port
  • Cruise Coordinator, entertainment and guest speakers
  • Gratuities to ship crew
  • Unlimited Free Internet

Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Pre- and Post-cruise tours

Travel Insurance

Air fare, unless included


    We strongly recommend arriving at least one day early in order to avoid complications which can arise due to flight delays, or other issues. We are happy to make arrangements, including multi-day explorations of Athens and Greece.

    A city of legend, civilization and enduring culture, Athens is a majestic and magical urban sprawl. Extraordinary elegance and grace combine with grit and graft in Greece’s capital, where highways encase ruins from antiquity, and gleaming museums and galleries stand beside concrete sprayed with edgy street art. These contrasts enhance and elevate the wonders of this 2,500-year-old city, however, which can count notable contributions to philosophy, drama and democracy, among its global legacy. The majestic ancient citadel of the Acropolis dominates an elevated platform and is a constant presence as you explore the city. The wonderful remains of the columned temple of the Parthenon – which date back to the 5th century BC – stand here, representing the pinnacle of classical architecture.



    Breathlessly romantic, and incredibly scenic, the azure domes and whitewash buildings that cascade down Santorini’s slopes are prime honeymoon material – and relentlessly romantic. A true gem of the Cycladic island group, Santorini is startlingly pretty, and its white windmills and dazzling villages are incredibly easy on the eye.


    Set on the east of the Greek island Crete, Aghios Nikolaos is a place of legend and luxury. Pastel-colored houses jostle attractively around the pretty harbor and inky lake, while busy restaurants and cafes spill out onto its lively waterfront.



    With an endless sun-soaked season, earthy history and vibrant culture, the island of Rhodes has it all. At the crossroads between continents, and sandwiched be-tween Crete and Turkey’s coastline, Rhodes has swayed between many mighty civilizations throughout its tumultuous history.


    Explore the towering columns, and storied remains of Ephesus – one of the most spectacular cities left by the Ancient Greeks. Kusadasi welcomes you to the Turkish coastline and is your base for exploring these majestic remains, which sit just 10 miles inland from the port. The Ephesus UNESCO World Heritage Site is a true archaeological gold mine, and an amazingly well-preserved site – once home to 150,000 people.


    The seahorse-shaped Patmos is a Greek island of stun-ning seascapes and immense cultural significance. Rising from the Aegean Sea, Christians embark on pilgrimages here from all across the world, seeking out the small hillside cave, said to be the location where St. John penned the Book of Revelations, in AD 95.


    Indulge in idyllic island life, as you take your fill of superb foods and wines, and soak in endless views of sweeping turquoise seascapes and pretty whitewash buildings. Mykonos has managed to retain the enduring, exclusive allure that first drew celebrities like Brigitte Bardot to its star-studded shores.

  8. Day 8  PIRAEUS - ATHENS

    Enjoy an included, or one of the select optional tours in Athens and surrounding areas.


    Greece’s first capital remains the escape of choice for Athenians, who weekend here to indulge in the town’s gorgeous seaside setting. One of the country’s most romantic towns, the warm color palette and tempting, island-sprinkled waters, pull on plenty of heartstrings. With perfect beaches, crystal clear waters for swimming, and evocative fortress-capped mountains, Nafplion is a sun-soaked Greek beauty. Head into the warren of an old town, which is full of narrow streets, neoclassical architecture and pink-flowered trees drooping over walls. Located on the hill that towers over Nafplion, Palamidi Fortress is a Venetian castle built in 1714, and its steep walls flow dramatically down the slope.

  10. Day 10 CRETE - SOUDA BAY

    Welcome to Crete, Greece’s largest island, and explore the sun-soaked charms of this fascinating land of legends, landscapes and luxuries. Packed with beautiful beaches and rich maritime history, enjoy the treasures of Crete’s many well-stocked museums, rich archaeological sites, and charming Venetian fishing towns. Soak up some Mediterranean sunshine by heading straight to one of the luxurious white sand beaches – where you can recline to a soundtrack of fizzing waves and dine with sparkling sea views stretching out before you. Explore olive groves producing golden oil, and savor the deep, fruity flavors. The island’s renowned wineries, also invite you to sample lovingly crafted Vilana grape wines.


    Loggerhead turtles patrol the clear, calm waters of Cephalonia island, which rises majestically out of the Ionian’s emerald green haze. Cephalonia is a heavenly mirage of idyllic beaches. Wander the shorefront of Argostoli – along the bustling harbor – and keep an eye out for fishermen lobbing their rejected haul back into the waves. Chances are this daily ritual will summon the loggerhead turtles who cruise these waters and gather to enjoy the free feast. Take a long, undisturbed swim in the warm waters, surrounded by flashing fish life and huge, loosely scattered rocks. A refreshing tossed Greek salad awaits on the shore.

  12. Day 12 CORFU, GREECE

    This sickle-shaped island of Mediterranean bliss flaunts its sun-kissed sophistication with effortless grace – having cherry-picked the best influences from Venetian, French and British occupiers. With over 3,000 years of history, The Grand Lady of the Ionian has played a starring role in Greek history and mythology, and legendary tales swirl around you, as you explore sparkling beaches, mountains splashed with wildflowers, and historical, perched fortresses.


    Embedded into the slopes of the steep Lovćen mountain, and overlooking the deep blue Adriatic, the fortified town of Kotor boasts a spectacular, imposing staging that few can match. Squeezing in through the tight Bay of Kotor is a daunting and impressive approach in itself, as you arrive via the waterway of Europe’s most southerly fjord. A pearl of Montenegro and the Adriatic, Kotor’s warren-like streets drip with history and authenticity. Under Venetian influence for four centuries, the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site old town invites you to wander amid atmospheric stone-clad streets, overlooked by a sea of terracotta roofs and the double towers of the cathedral.


    Croatia’s crowning glory rears up vertically from the tranquil waters of the Adriatic, and Dubrovnik’s daunting fortresses town is a truly imposing sight to behold. Encircled by chunky stone walls so thick and dramatic they could have been purpose-built as a film set, this city’s unmatched old town is the setting for countless films and shows – from Star Wars to Robin Hood, Game of Thrones and every production in-between seeking a truly authentic medieval flavor. The stone streets of the city take you through a beautiful mosaic of architectural splendor, baroque churches and splashing fountains. Tapering alleys rocket up from the central boulevard of Stradun, offering spectacular views down, but you’ll need to walk the city walls to appreciate the fortress city’s full scale.

  15. Day 15 SPLIT, CROATIA

    Bathing in the Dalmatian Coast’s generous sunshine, and overlooking sparkling, island-studded waters, Split is a city of romantic beauty, built around an extraordinary – still beating – historical heart. The setting may be spectacular, but it’s the Diocletian’s Palace – a Roman remain of incredible scale and detail that is truly bewitching. While immensely historic, Split hasn’t been afraid to move with the times, and the stone walls encasing the streets are alive with buzzy bars and quiet nooks, where bottles of red wine are uncorked and delicious meals devoured. With a natural backdrop of dramatic limestone mountains, and Croatia’s trademark scenic wonders all around, Split is a true heavyweight of the Adriatic. To enter Split’s Diocletian’s Palace is to step into a beautiful time warp. Head first to the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, where a hollow bell tower rockets up, puncturing the sky.

  16. Day 16 ROVINJ, CROATIA

    Feel the strong Italian influence as soon as you step into this city, known as Croatia’s ’Little Venice’. A gorgeous artwork of a port, you can revel in seafront promenade strolls, waterside drinks, and the tangled beauty of an immensely atmospheric old town. Nearby, islands sparkle and beaches call out, while working fishing boats add authentic everyday charm. Tiny streets and squares are lined with little souvenir shops, bars, gelato stalls and restaurants serving up delicious dishes laced with Istria’s elusive white truffles.


    Losing none of its allure over the years, this floating city of canals, bridges and masks is a place of eternal beauty and enduring elegance. The lagoon of more than 100 islands is a heavenly sight, transporting visitors on a journey through time – from its Roman inception, through centuries of trade to the modern face we see today. Spend more time here, or other parts of Italy.

Silver Spirit


With one of the highest space to guest ratios in the business and eight superlative luxury dining options, Silver Spirit offers its guests one of the most complete cruise experiences available. Spacious decks leave plenty of room for relaxation, yet the cozy niches make sure that there is something for everyone. Meet like-minded friends; enjoy first class dining and relax in what is possibly the best place between sea and sky.

Refurbished and augmented in 2018, Silver Spirit is today our largest ship. Her guest capacity of 608, her large, open spaces, her many dining options and her all-suite accommodation make her a modern answer for ultra-luxury cruising.


Arts Café
Hosting various, exciting exhibitions, the Arts Café will showcase painting and sculptures from a broad range of talent.



Panorama Lounge
Relax and unwind in the Panorama Lounge, a sophisticated yet amicable space offering beautiful ocean views as you enjoy your cruise.



Zagara Beauty Spa
Come and indulge in a luxurious spa treatment. Facials, body wraps, massages: the spa is the perfect place to unwind.



Dolce Vita
No cruise is complete without meeting new people. Enjoy complimentary drinks and live music at the bar while meeting other guests.



Pool Deck
Chaise lounges arranged in the sun or shade. Bubbling whirlpools. The pool water refreshing in warmer climates, heated for cooler weather.



Fitness Center
The Fitness Center offers world-class equipment, classes, and personalized services.




Connoisseur’s Corner
If you appreciate good cognac or premium cigars, be sure to visit the Connoisseur’s Corner to see the ship’s exceptional selection.



Observation Library
The Observation Library boasts exceptional views overlooking the ocean as it stretches out below you while you enjoy your cruise.



Venetian Lounge
Applaud a broad spectrum of entertainment — from full-scale production shows and classical soloists, to cultural entertainment and feature films.




The Grill
Soft breezes and ocean views beckon at the Grill, especially as the sun goes down when cruise guests gather for cocktails at the outdoor bar and talk about the day’s events.
Seishin finds its inspiration in “Nikkei” Cuisine a fusion of flavors of the freshest the oceans and the fields have to offer.



Silver Note
Small plate tapas-style dishes of mouth-watering international cuisine perfectly compliment the rich, exciting entertainment as the smooth sounds of jazz and blues gently caress your ears.
La Terrazza
Authentic Italian recipes and the freshest, sustainable ingredients come together in this restaurant at sea.
La Dame
La Dame features a menu of seasonally inspired dishes prepared with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.
Evoking a sense of exotic mystery, the Asian-accented Indochine embarks you on an exquisite journey of culinary discovery.




Pivotal to Silver Spirit dining experience, this elegant bar and grill incorporates the best that the sea has to offer.
Reflecting Silversea’s Italian heritage, this emblematic street in Naples divides the city in two and is renowned for its pizzerias.


Owner’s Suite
The name says it all. A stylish apartment. Prestigious and classic. For those who seek the superlative level of space, comfort and service on board.



Grand Suite
Expertly designed and exquisitely appointed. The ideal space for both entertaining friends and enjoying quiet alone time.



Royal Suite
Stately. Commanding and majestic. Perfect for entertaining. Enough living space to roam. The pinnacle of good living.



Silver Suite
Stylish and sophisticated. Perfection in design for comfortable living.




Deluxe Veranda Suite
The Deluxe Veranda Suite offers a comfortable living space, close to the heart of the ship.




Superior Veranda Suite
The Superior Veranda Suite located on the upper deck, and offering spectacular sunset views.



Classic Veranda SuiteOwner’s Suite
The Classic Veranda Suite provides generous living space for voyagers.




Panorama Suite
The Panorama offers all the comfort and attention to detail that you can expect aboard.




Vista Suite
A quiet sanctuary. Large picture windows frame panoramic ocean views. The perfect backdrop for breakfast in bed.